hi there, I'm Aleksejs

My name is Aleksejs Popovs, pronounced approximately like this. I usually go by my first name and don't mind people shortening it to Alex.

I am originally from Riga, Latvia, where I graduated from the Riga State Gymnasium #1 in 2016. I am now an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I like mathematics, theoretical computer science, cryptography, and weird music.

In high school, I participated in various science olympiads, and my best achievements in those are a gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), an honourable mention at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and an honourable mention at the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL).

If you'd like to know how I'm doing, check out my twitter. If you'd like to say hi, email me at aleksejs@popovs.lv.